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Introduction: This site allows students to experience Antarctica through the eyes of two Geobears, Berkley and OzGold, who sailed on the Aurora Australis with their Australian, friend and helper, Gordon Bain. Berkley came from Illinois from the 4th grade classroom of Betty Trummel, while OzGold came from Gordon's home in Tasmania. These Bears have traveled to Antarctica and back, have had many adventures and have lived to tell the tale. They have brought back information and photographs that will help you share their adventures.

The bears will post their information every weekday starting October 21. We hope that students in Grades 4-6 will follow along. There is no cost for participating, though we would like a little information from the teacher, so we can follow-up to see what we might do differently next year..

The Photo pages contain photographs taken throughout their journey and a few they borrowed from a GeoBear named Brownie. New photos are added every day with short descriptions of what is happening in each one. The bears often post questions that students can respond to online. They will pick two or three of the most interesting answers that were submitted and post them, along with the correct answers, the next day. We strongly recommend that teachers look over their students' answers before submission.

The Data pages contain the numerical data about the voyage. These reports include the position of the ship in latitude and longitude, nautical miles to the next station as well as many environmental conditions, such as sea temperature, air temperature, any ice that was encountered, etc. Some also include a brief update of events. The data lend themselves well to graphing and many other math activities.

The Information pages contain first-person accounts that go into more detail about some of their more exciting adventures, or ship procedures that need a bit more explanation than is offered in the daily reports.. Most of them were written by Berkley or OzGold, but a few were written by Gordon. There are links to several of these from the Photo pages where appropriate, but, in addition, may serve as good sources for research reports.

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