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The Photo Pages section of Bears on Ice is designed to let students see some of the things that Berkley and OzGold saw on their trip to Antarctica.

Click on a link to the left to get started, then use the arrows to navigate through the photographs.

Each school day, the Bears on Ice team will post a new set of photographs (3-7 photos per set). Each photograph has a caption that explains what is shown. Some photographs have additional links to more information about a topic.

The captions will sometimes include questions. Students can submit their answers by clicking on the question, filling out the form and submitting it. We will post answers from chosen students as well as our answers within a week. We encourage students to use this interactive part of the site.

  • Day 41 - Going Home
  • Day 40 - Heard Island - Trash
  • Day 39 - Heard Island
  • Day 38 -Leaving Mawson
  • Day 37 - Mawson
  • Day 36 - Terrible Accident #3
  • Day 35 - Terrible Accident #2
  • Day 34 - Terrible Accident #1
  • Day 33 - Stay, The Legendary Dog
  • Day 32 - Preparing for Arrival at Mawson
  • Day 31 - Meteorological Buoy - Deployment Cont.




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