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Introduction: Letter of Global Concern allows students in grades 3-6 to quickly draft a printable letter describing their concerns about environmental or global conditions. The tool is designed to allow students to practice writing a business letter or editorial. The students can attach a small graphic as a header or footer. At this time only graphics related to Antarctic are available. If other graphics are desired, please so we can try to add these to the database.

Addresses of members of congress can be found at and senate members at Addresses of the President and Vice-president can be found at

The student can then print and sign their letter and the letter can be reviewed by the teacher and/or parents before the student mails it. Parents have indicated that they prefer this format to a web site that allows students to e-mail without supervision of content.

Letter of Global Concern does not require a signature line because we do not want to collect any personal data from students, but it is assumed that the teacher will have students add this to the letter. Once the letter is printed, it is no longer saved and must be recreated if errors are found. The only data we collect is the zip code which we use for statistical purposes.

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