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What Is It? Graphic Sleuth is an online utility that allows teachers to make web lessons for student use. The lessons guide the student through the process of using bibliographic citations to help them analyze photographs.

Teachers provide the photographs and bibliographic information. Graphic Sleuth provides editable templates that will help build a complete lesson around the photos and bibiliography information.

Where Do I Get The Photos And Bibliographic Info? Teachers use their own photographs (or those they have legally downloaded) as the heart of the lesson. These photographs must be in a web-accessible format with a .jpg, .jpeg, or .gif at the end of the file name. Bibliographic information generally is found with the photographs and should be printed from the website before beginning the lesson.

We recommend American Memory as a place to obtain historical photographs for the lessons you make. Just be sure to check the copyright information for the photograph. NSF and NOAA also provide many photographs related to scientific expeditions and innovations.

Where Did The Idea Come From? Graphic Sleuth was based on the American Memory lesson, Port of Entry, and was developed with the permission of the Library of Congress. We appreciate the opportunity to make portions of this lesson available to educators and hope you will visit the Learning Page when looking for additional resources for using the American Memory collections.

Can I See Some Examples? Some examples of completed lessons can be seen here.


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