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Cripple Creek Miners Labor Strike

Solving The Story
Do you think you are a good detective? Let's check. Without looking back, try to recreate the scenes in your mind. What exactly did you see in the pictures.

  • The two pictures are related in some way. What do you think is happening? Use the titles and the pictures to help you make a first guess.
  • Why do you think people would have a Gatling machine gun in the street of a Colorado town?
  • What do you think the African americans in the second picture were doing? What about the white people?
  • What other details did you observe?
  • When and where in the past do you think the photograph was taken? How can you tell?
  • How would you describe the photographer's point of view?

Record your observations in a notebook. If you are connected to a printer, print this page and write down your answers.

Compare your answers with the bibliographic record which can be seen by clicking on the graphic.

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