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You have been called to investigate what's happening in this picture. Detectives often learn about a person, a place, an object, an event or a time period by analyzing photographs. As an apprentice, you have been assigned this picture. You are to learn as much as possible about the subject and the time period in which it was made. To do this you must figure out what this is a picture of, when the picture was probably created, and how the artist/photographer felt about the subject of the picture. You do this by looking for clues in the photo and in the bibliographic source material. You may be asked to compare this picture to others in order to create a fuller understanding of the subject.

Click the picture to see bibliographic citation
Record your observations on a sheet of paper or in a notebook as you examine the photograph. Begin by looking carefully at the picture.

What do you see? How would you describe the setting?   Next, study people, one by one. How are they dressed? What are they doing? What relationships do you see among the people pictured?

Go ahead to complete your analysis.
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