Polar Radar for Ice Sheet Measurements
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All Things Polar

PRISM offers annotated links to the following types of materials for K-12 educators, students, and the general public. All links are keyed to national academic standards.

These resources were chosen from lessons and resource lists made by educators who used the "TrackStar" lesson-maker sponsored by the High Plains R*TEC. They have all been reviewed by the Teacher Team of HPR*TEC and are suitable for classroom use at the time of posting. Teachers are urged, however, to always review the materials shortly before use in class to ensure suitability, as some sites disappear and their domain names are bought by purveyors of non-educational content.

The Polar Regions

Arctic Maps & Images    Arctic Information    Arctic Lessons

Antarctic Maps & Images    Antarctica information    Antarctica Lessons

Animals of the Polar Regions

Images    Information    Lessons

Snow & Ice

Images    Information    Lessons

Global Warming

Data    Information    Lessons

Synthetic Aperture Radar

Data/Images    Information    Lessons


Data/Images    Information    Lessons

"Please feel free to use the track I developed. ...I am now teaching 3rd, 4th, and 5th reading and math in the Title 1 program. I have taught both 4th and 5th regular class in the past. I am now in my seventh year as an elementary teacher, A point of added interest, in 1969-1970, I spent a year at McMurdo Station as part of the Navy's Antarctic Support Activity Winter-Over. So you might say I'm an Ol' Antarctic Explorer. I think that is what prompted my developing the track."

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