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Here you will find various data that relates to the PRISM project. We hope that this data is both informative, as well as exciting.

  • Sandbox Calibration Presentation - Jan. 2003
    A PowerPoint presentation of calibration data from testing the radar in the sandbox. See John Paden's thesis for more information. Photos of sandbox test.
  • Radar Data from Greenland
    A large volume of ice thickness data and accumulation radar data over the Greenland ice sheet and a limited set of data over the Antarctic Peninsula and a few outlet glaciers is provided. Ice thickness data were collected with our 150-MHz coherent radar depth sounder and accumulation radar data with our wideband radar that operates over the frequency range from 600-900 MHz. These data sets can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate data button from this website.

    Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), sounding radar and wideband accumulation radar data were collected at the SUMMIT camp on the Greenland ice sheet during July 2004. These data are currently being processed and will be made available through this website in the next few months.

  • Multi-Link Iridium Satellite Data Communication System - Greenland 2003
    A PowerPoint presentation that summarizes the tests that were conducted in the summer of 2003 of the multi-link Iridium communication system.

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