Polar Radar for Ice Sheet Measurements
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Project Sponsorship & Organizations

PRISM (Polar Radar for Ice Sheet Measurement) is based at the University of Kansas Center for Research, Information and Telecommunications Technology Center (ITTC) in Lawrence, Kansas.

Project Personnel
Faculty Investigators on this project include:

Prasad Gogineni

Chris Allen

David A. Braaten

Victor Frost

Glenn Prescott

Arvin Agah

Costas Tsatsoulis

's NSF Movie Page

  • High resolution movie (sound)
  • High resolution movie (subtitles)
  • Low resolution movie (subtitles)

I am currently working on a video sequence for Dr. Victor Frost at the University of Kansas using a 3D animation tool known as blender. I am also using mpg tools from tmpg to convert the avi output from blender to mpeg-1 video streams. The video depicts a mobile vehicle team working on the glaciers of Greenland collecting radar data for use in climatic research.


PRISM  >>  Multidisciplinary
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