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Global Climate Change Archive - Government and Industry - Responses & Concerns

A collection of older (2005) news items related to steps taken by government and industry to control emissions and consequences of global climate change. All links take you outside of the PRISM site. Use your back button to return.

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    March, 2007

  • March 5, 2007 - Global Warming News - NTSA Express
    Washington, D.C. Meteorologist Bob Ryan sat down recently with Dr. Ralph Cicerone, President of the National Academy of Sciences, to discuss global warming. To watch the interview and read more about global warming and the recent statement by the American Meteorological Society on the issue, visit

  • November, 2006

  • November 5, 2006 - Talks to Start on Climate Amid Split on Warming - The New York Times
    Climate negotiators are gathering in Nairobi, Kenya, for their 12th conference since 1992, with the world divided into three seemingly inflexible blocs on what to do about global warming.

  • August, 2006

  • August 1, 2006 - Cross-Atlantic clean-energy pact - International Herald Tribune
    British Prime Minister Tony Blair and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger met to discuss a pact aimed at sharing economic and scientific research as well as nonpolluting technologies. This agreement sets the precedent that individual state governments must also work to fight global warming.

  • June, 2006

  • June 14, 2006 - Scientists urge G8 not to ignore global warming - ABC news
    Scientists are urging World leaders to respond to global warming as promised at the G8 Summit in Gleneagles last year. This request comes in light of recent "concern for energy security" and the upcoming summit scheduled to held next month in St. Petersberg, Russia

  • June 4, 2006 - Green around the edges - Calgary Herald
    The most difficult challenge for Alternative fuel technologies to be implemented into the market seems to be getting both the vehicles and the fueling stations both online. Automakers are set to have them out but investment in the stations themselves is less profitable due to the fact that there are not very many vehicles out on the road that require stations that need alternative fuels, leading to an impasse for 'greener' vehicles and fuel systems. For this technology to be more successful, gvernment support -- through legislation and tax credits, for example -- combined with private-sector investment are the most logical places to start because of the incentive they can create.

  • May, 2006

  • May 9, 2006 - Climate change altered water plan: Beattie - ABC News Online
    Queensland Premier Peter Beattie is planning the building of two new dams because of the effects of global warming.

  • May 9 2006 - Recycling efforts need improving - Financial Times-
    Carbon dioxide emissions are approximately 10 per cent of the greenhouse gases given off by UK households every year. Recycling measures have decreased the amount of Carbon Dioxide given off, but officials say even more recycling must be implemented.

  • March, 2006

  • March 22, 2006 - U.S. Companies Slow To Move On Climate - International Herald-Tribune (NY Times)
    European and Asian companies care more about global warming than do their American counterparts. And chemical companies care more than oil companies. Those are two conclusions that jump out of "Corporate Governance and Climate Change: Making the Connection," a report that Ceres, a coalition of investors and environmental groups, released Tuesday.

  • March 22, 2006 - Climate Change Hard On Poorest Countries - Gulf News
    Droughts, floods, changing rain patterns and rising sea levels are threatening development efforts in the world's poorest countries, experts and aid workers said at the 4th World Water Forum, an international meeting that explores how to manage water services and resources. The meeting was held in Mexico City. Similar story from The Independent.

  • March 20, 2006 - Energy Goals Help 'Cut Global Warming' -
    China's commitment to reducing energy consumption per unit of GDP by 1/5 by 2010 was welcomed yesterday by world-renowned economists and leading business executives who said it would make a positive contribution to cutting down global warming.

  • March 15, 2006 - Survey: 3 Out of 4 Americans Fault Federal Leadership on Global Warming & Alternative Energy ... - PR Newswire
    A national survey by the nonprofit Opinion Research Corporation (ORC) and nonpartisan Civil Society Institute (CSI) finds that 58 percent of Americans, including 57 percent of independents and 42 percent of conservatives, are more concerned about global warming today than they were two years ago. Also 76% of those surveyed (including 2 out of 3 conservatives) think the federal government is not doing "enough to address global warming and develop alternative energy sources in order to reduce our dependence on foreign oil."

  • March 7, 2006 - UN: Global Warming Threat Rising; Govt. Action Needed - USA Today
    Evidence that humans are to blame for global warming is rising but governments are doing too little to counter the threat, according to Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). He also said also said that costs of braking climate change in coming decades might be less than forecast in the IPCC's last report in 2001.

  • March 6, 2006 - U.S. Fleet Of Climate Satellites Is Shrinking - MSNBC
    Budget cuts and poor management may be jeopardizing the future of our eyes in orbit — America’s fleet of environmental satellites, vital tools for forecasting hurricanes, protecting water supplies and predicting global warming.

  • March 1, 2006 - Getting Kids Fired Up About Global Warming - Asahi
    The nonprofit, Osaka Environmental Counselors Association, has recently created a lesson that graphically illustrates for children how sea level rise could affect their own city. The students were stunned by what they learned.

  • February, 2006

  • February 27, 2006 - World Lawmakers Set Up Global Warming Monitor Group - ENN
    Lawmakers and business leaders from around the world launched a campaign on Friday to push recalcitrant governments to take action on climate change. Accusing rich and poor alike of talking a good fight against but doing little, the parliamentarians from the Group of Eight rich nations and five major developing countries said their three-year goal was to force the pace.

  • February 22, 2006 - Some American Evangelicals Call For Action To Stop Global Warming - VOA
    Some prominent American evangelical leaders have launched a campaign to persuade their congregants that more needs to be done to stop global warming.

  • February 21, 2006 - Combating Global Warming With Community - ENN
    Bill McKibben, an environmentalist and author, says that people can take control of global warming by having better communities.

  • February 16, 2006 - Paramount , Gore Strike Film Deal - News 24
    The producers of a global warming documentary starring former Vice-President Al Gore have landed a worldwide distribution deal with Paramount Pictures

  • February 13, 2006 - Professor Sir Nicholas Shackleton Dies - Guardian Unlimited
    Nicholas Shackleton, a geologist who specialized in paleoclimatology, and distant relative of explorer Ernest Shackelton has died in Cambridge, England. Dr. Shackelton's work on the role played by carbon dioxide in climate change was pivotal to our current understanding of climate change.

  • February 4, 2006 - Poor Nations Need Billions To Fight Climate Change - News International
    Nicholas Stern, a top British environmentalist and advisor to the British government, said on Friday the developing world needed to spend at least $40 billion more every year to fight climate change.

  • January, 2006

  • January 31, 2006 - Scientists Back Nuclear Power To Help Beat Global Warming - Scotsman
    Scientist,s who attended a conference hosted by the UK Meteorological Office last year, have concluded that the United Kingdom must use a wide range of tools, including nuclear power, if they want to address the issue of global warming.

  • January 25, 2006 - Al Gore To Publish Book On Global Warming In April - ENN
    Former Vice President Al Gore's second book about global warming will be published in April with the title "An Inconvenient Truth," according to his publisher Rodale Books.

  • January 12, 2006 - U.S. Puts In $52 Million For Clean Air - The Australian
    U.S. President George W Bush has agreed to contribute $52 million (AUST$69m) to a clean-air partnership, U.S. Energy Secretary Sam Bodman said today. The money is a one-year allocation at this time.

  • January 5, 2006 - U.S. To Attend Asia-Pacific Climate Talks - CRI Online
    Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman and presidential adviser James Connaughton will meet next week in Sydney, Australia, with representatives from five Asian and Pacific nations. Along with the U.S., these countries account for nearly half the world's population, energy use and economic output. The White House said its talks with Australia, China, India, Japan and South Korea will enhance rather than replace the Kyoto climate treaty that President George W. Bush rejected because of its mandatory cuts in carbon dioxide, methane and other gases.




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