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Bold Explorers Seeking the Pole in Arctic and Antarctic Seas

Map of the Arctic

The records here given of the furthest point north reached by explorers are taken from Gen. A.W. Greely's work, "Handbook of Arctic Discoveries."

Eastern Hemisphere
Commander Date


Longi-tude Locality
William Barents July 14, 1594 77° 20' 62° E Near C. Nassau, Nova Zembia.
Ryp & Heemskerck (Barents's third voyage) June 19, 1596 79° 40' 12° E North Spitzbergen.
Henry Hudson July 13, 1607 80° 23' 10° E Spitzbergen Sea.
J.C. Phipps July 27, 1773 80° 48' 20° E Spitzbergen Sea.
William Scoresby May 24, 1806 81° 30' 19° E Spitzbergen Sea.
W.E. Parry July 23, 1827 82° 45' 20° E Spitzbergen Sea.
Nordenskiold and Otter Sept. 19, 1868 81° 42' 18° E Spitzbergen Sea (highest by ship).
Weyprecht and Payer April 12, 1874 82° 05' 60° E Franz Josef Land (by Payer, highest land.)


Western Hemisphere
John Davis

June 30, 1587

72° 12' 56° W West Greenland.
Henry Hudson June 10, 1607 73° 20° W Off East Greenland
William Baffin July 4, 1616 77° 45' 72° W Smith Sound
E.A. Inglefield Aug. 27, 1852 78° 21' 74° W Smith Sound
E.K. Kane June 24, 1854 80° 10' 67° W Cape Constitution, Greenland, by Morton.
C.F. Hall Aug. 30, 1870 82° 11' 61° W Frozen Sea.
C.F. Hall June 30, 1871 82° 07' 59° W Greenland, by Sergt. Meyer.
G.S. Nares Sept. 25, 1875 82° 48' 65° W Grinnell Land, by Aldrich.
C.S. Nares May 12, 1876 83° 20' 65° W Frozen Sea by A.H. Markham.
A. W. Greely May 13, 1882 83° 24' 41° W New Land, north of Greenland, by Lockwood and Brainard.


Lieut. R. E. Peary reached 81 degrees 37 minutes north latitude in his explorations of Greenland.

F.G. Jackson has been exploring Franz Josef Land. The story of his discoveries is astonishing. It alters the map of the arctic regions in that it shows that Gillis Land and Oscar Land do not exist, and that it is doubtful if Petermann Land exists. He reports that he found an open sea to the north, and is convinced that there is no land north of 82 degrees north latitude.

Map of South Polar region


Dr. Frederick Cook, of No. 697 Bushwick avenue (sic), Brooklyn, will sail on Sept. 20 on the Coleridge, of the Lamport & Holt line, for Rio Janeiro, where he will join De Gerlache's Belgian expedition to explore the South Pole.

Dr. Cook said yesterday:

"My first experience of the life that is lived inside of arctic circles was as surgeon of the first Peary expedition in 1891. Since then I have loved everything connected with arctic life.

"I took a fancy to the South Pole because it is a greater mystery than the North. We know scarcely anything about the Antarctic Continent except that it comprises 8,000,000 square miles.

"There has been no official expedition to the region of the South Pole since that of Ross, more than fifty years ago.

"For years I have been in correspondence with Lieut. Adrien De Gerlache. He is an engineer in the Belgian army and a South Pole enthusiast, and has raised nearly $50,000 with which to fit out the expedition.

"His vessel, La Belgica, is a steamer with bunkers large enough to carry a six months' supply of coal. She will be the first steamer that has ever touched the Antarctic Continent.

"From Rio Janeiro we shall sail due south past the Falkland Islands, landing at Graham's Land, the northwest point of the Antarctic Continent.

"We shall then push into the interior as near to the Pole as possible, returning at some point on the north coast, where we shall join the La Belgica again and expect to reach Melbourne, Australia, about April 1.

"The partial solving of the mystery of the magnetic current is the especial object of our expedition. I consider it far more important than the mere location of the South Pole. "

Reproduced with permission: L.L. Dyche, Explorations (Newspaper Clippings Related to Polar Exploration), Vol. 1 & 2. University Archives, Spencer Research Library, University of Kansas Libraries, Lawrence, KS.


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Original Source:
  N.Y. World, New York, NY. Sept. 6, 1897.  
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  Jennifer Holvoet, University of Kansas.  
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