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1800's Artifacts

Dr. L.L. Dyche collected many artifacts for the University during his explorations to Western Greenland. His artifacts, along with those of others, form an interesting portion of the Kansas Museum of Anthropology Ethnology collection.

Click on one of the links below to see the artifacts. Clicking on most pictures will lead you to a 360° view, where you can click on the on-screen hand and move it to the left or right to rotate the image.

The 360° view option requires QuickTime. If you don’t have QuickTime on your PC, you can download the FREE player from Apple computer at You do NOT need to purchase the “Pro” version to view the images on this website.

Blubber Lamps

Quiver and Arrows



Hunting Tools

Kayaks and Fishing Tools

Miniature Harpoons

Miniature Sled

Pouches and Bags


About 1800's Artifacts Website
This portion of the PRISM website was designed by our summer intern, Amy Connolly, who is a senior at a nearby Kansas high school. She took all the photographs, assembled the 360° movies, and digitally enhanced the backgrounds of all the photographs. She also designed the page layout and wrote the descriptions. This project was undertaken to allow online access to some of the L.L. Dyche ethnographic collection at the University of Kansas Museum of Anthropology and to help our intern become more familiar with digital technology and the Inuit culture of the late 1800s. We hope you enjoy it.

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