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The Mystery of Andree

This website was developed from newspaper articles related to polar exploration which were collected by L. L. Dyche, a professor at the University of Kansas. They were found in Dyche's scrapbooks which are available at Spencer Research Library at the University of Kansas. These scrapbooks cover the exploits of many different polar explorers, though the PRISM project has only transcribed those pertaining to S. A. Andree. If you would like to help us complete transcriptions on other polar explorers of the 1800s, please let us know.

The following articles tell the story of the polar expedition led by Salomon August Andree, who tried to reach the North Pole in the late 1800's. Previous explorers had tried to reach the pole via ship and/or sled dogs. Andree decided to try to reach the pole by air. These articles can be used by teachers to meet National Science Standards (e.g., Science and Technology in Society, Science as Human Endeavor, and Nature of Scientific Knowledge).

The Launch

The Mystery

The Search

The Guesswork

The Discovery

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