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Mikkelsen Party Lands in Alaska After Loss of Ship.

London, Sept 7 -

"The Evening News" says that a cable dispatch was received in London to-day from Gibbon, Alaska, saying that Captain Mikkelsen of the Arctic steamer Duchess of Bedford and his companions are safe, having traversed the ice to a place of safety after the wreck of the ship.

Confirmation of the report that the Stefansson expedition is safe was given in a message received at the offices of the American Geographical Society in this city yesterday from Vilhjalmur Stefansson, the ethnologist, a leader of the expedition into the Arctic. The message was dated at Eagle City, Alaska, on the upper Yukon River, and read as follows: "Expedition is all safe. -- Stefansson."

Officers of the Geographical Society said they supposed the message had been forwarded by messenger from Herschel Island to Eagle City.

The steamer Midnight Sun, which arrived at Athabasca Landing, Canada, on September 5, had among her passengers a man named Alfred Harrison, who had been in the Arctic regions for the last two years. He reported that Vilhjalmur Stefansson, an instructor in ethnology at the Peabody Museum, Harvard, had arrived at Herschel Island from Port Anxious Island, reporting that the Duchess of Bedford, the ship belonging to the Anglo-American expedition which left Victoria, B.C., in May, 1906, in the hope of finding a stretch of land believed to exist in the Beaufort Sea, had filled with water and that the crew had removed everything possible to the shore. Captain Mikkelsen, Ernest Leffingwell of Chicago, a geologist, and J. M. Marks, of the expedition were reported to have left the Duchess of Bedford in February for the supposed land in the North, taking with them sixty days' provisions, and no further news had been received of them after seventy days. One of the dog teams returned, and it was considered likely that the party would never be heard from again.

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Original Source:
  New York Tribune, NY: Sept. 8, 1907, pg. 5.  
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  Jennifer Holvoet, Ph.D.  
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