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Mikkelson Party Safe

Crossed the Arctic Ice After the Wreck of Their Steamer.

LONDON, Sept. 7. -- The Evening News announces that a cable dispatch was received in London to-day from Gibbon, Alaska, saying that Capt. Mikkelson of the arctic steamer Duchess of Bedford and his companions are safe, having traversed the ice to a place of safety after the wreck of the ship.


VICTORIA, B.C., Sept. 7. -- The last direct news from the Duchess of Bedford party, rumored lost in the arctic, was dated "Near Baxter Island, Nov. 1," and was received in April. At that time Capt. Mikkelsen and Geologist Leffingwell were on the way to Hershel Island, and it is generally understood that this was their last visit to that place.

The Duchess of Bedford, when she left Victoria, took food prepared in sealed tins, each of which contained a week's supply.

"Next March," Leffingwell wrote, "Capt. Mikkelsen and I shall make a two months' trip north over the ice from Flaxa Island to explore that area. There is a good prospect of discovering land there. It has been reported by whalers, the tide indicates it, as does the fact that the ice pack never leaves the shore for more than a few miles. "

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Original Source:
  New York Times, Sept. 8, 1907, pg. 1}  
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