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Seattle, Wash., Sept 10 --

Definite news has been received that Captain Mikkelsen and his party of the Duchess Bedford (sic), the Anglo-American expedition ship, are safe and moreover, it appeares (sic) that they have accomplished the purpose for which they went to the Far North -- their search for the supposed continent in the unknown sea.

This information is contained in a special cable message to the Seattle Morning Times from Gibbon, Alaska, which says:

"Prof. Stefenssen (sic) of Mikkelsen's party hailed the steamer Koyukuk at Fort Yukon, Sept 3. Stefenssen said he was carrying dispatches. He reported that the Mikkelsen party made the trip over the ice and were successful. They encountered many hardships during the trip. Prof. Stefenssen made the almost impossible trip from Herschel up the MacKenzie river and down the Porcupine. He reports the party all well and safe."

The unknown sea is north of Alaska and Bering strait. It is a section of the polar region through which explorers have not gone in their quest for the pole. About 100 miles north of Bering strait and the north coast of Alaska, the pack ice begins, even in summer. The open water lies close to the land along the north coast. The plan was to start from a little farther east than the eastern extremity of Alaska and proceed northwest across the unknown sea until north of the Siberian coast, when they would turn south. The trip was to be led by Mikkelsen and Earnest (sic) Leffingwell.

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Original Source:
  Topeka Daily Capital, Topeka, KS: Sept. 11, 1907, pg. 1.  
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