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Theories Far & Wide

Theories about the unexplored Polar areas that were based on incomplete data. Taken from actual newspaper reports from the late 1800's and early 1900's.

Hollow World

  • It Is A Hollow World, Pittsburg Dispatch, February 9, 1896
  • North Pole A Yawning Hole?, New York World. March 1, 1896

What Will Be Found At The Pole

  • How About the Pole, NY News, March, 1896
    • Facts and speculation mixed to devise a portrait of the North Pole area.
  • Life at the North Pole, NY Morning Journal,April, 1896
    • A description of the types of life one would expect to see on the LAND of the North Pole bolstered with observations.
  • Quaint Arctic Legend, Brooklyn, April, 1896
    • Retelling of an Arctic Legend that supports the idea that there might be "lost tribes" in the Arctic.
  • Arctic Anomalies, Pittsburg Dispatch, April, 1896
    • Evidence of a tropical climate in Greenland and the meaning of such evidence.
  • Greenland and the Ice Age, Brooklyn, April, 1896
    • A synopsis of some of the scientific theories about the ice age and its causes based on evidence from Greenland.
  • Tropical Greenland, Boston, January, 1897
    • Description of some of the finds (particular emphasis on flora) of an expedition by Smithsonian scientists.
  • Wonders of the Antarctic, Pittsburg Post, May 2, 1899
    • Descriptions of some of the things one might encounter in the Antarctic.

Ways To Explore the Polar Regions

  • Thor On The North Pole, Brooklyn, March,1896
    • Examines whether building roads in the Arctic would be useful for increasing exploration.
  • To The North Pole by Submarine Boat, NY New Herald, January, 1898
    • A description of why the new technology of submarines will make the Arctic accessible.

The Fate Of An Expedition (1907)

The following articles all deal with background on the Stefansson and Mikkelsen expedition (includes why they were looking for "lost tribes") as well as speculation about what they found and whether they had died or not.


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