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Antarctic Explorers Timeline: Early 1800s

Antarctic Expeditions of the early 1800s
Explored Crozet
USA (Ships: Catherine); killed 57,000 fur seals
Re-discovered Bouvet
England (Ships: Otter & Swan)
Discovered Macquarie
England (Ship: Perseverence)
Discovered and landed on South Shetlands
England (Ship: Williams)
1819/20 Bransfield Mapped South Shetlands; Sighted and mapped portions of Antarctic peninsula February 1, 1820. Discovered Trinity Land England (Ship: Williams, member of Smith expedition)
1819/20 Timblon First sea lion expedition specifically for South Shetlands Argentina (Ship: San Juan Nepomuceno)
1819/20 Sheffield Mapped NW side of South Shetlands USA (Ship Hersilia); member of Palmer Expedition)
1819/21 Bellinghausen

Circumnavigated Antarctica. First to sight the continent (Queen Maud Land) on Jan 28, 1820. Discovered Alexander I Land, Peter I Island, Annenkov Island, & Traversey Island. Surveyed South Sandwich Islands.

Russia, (Ships: Mirny & Vostok)
1820/21 Smith
Explored and mapped South Shetlands England (Ship: Williams)
1820/21 Pendelton Discovery of islands on W coast of Grahamland about 66° S. USA (Ship: Frederick)
1820/21 Palmer Discovery of Palmer Land (Peninsula) USA (Ship: Hero)
1820/21 Sherratt First long stay on George Island. Mapped central Shetland Islands England (Ship: Lady Trowbridge)
1820/21 Weddell Exploration of South Shetland Islands England (Ships: Jane & Beaufoy)
1820/21 Clark First overwintering on King George Island England (Ship: Lord Melville)
1820/22 Davis First recorded landing on continent (Hughes Bay), February 7, 1821. USA (Ship: Cecilia)
1820/22 Powell Mapped South Shetlands; discovered South Orkneys (1821) and Palmer Land (same time as Palmer) England (Ship: Dove)
1820/23 Veale Spent 22 months on Crosset (shipwreck) England (Ship: Prince of Wales)
1820/22 Palmer Discovery of South Orkneys (same time as Powell). Sighted Antarctic continent. USA (Ship: James Moore)
1821/22 Weddell Discovered, independently of Palmer and Powell, the South Orkneys England (Ships: Jane & Beaufoy);
1822/23 Morrell First landing on Bouvet (December 1882). Explored Kerguelen and South Sandwich Islands USA (Ship: Wasp)
1822/24 Weddell Mapped South Orkneys, first entry into Weddell Sea England (Ships: Jane & Beaufoy); Southernmost point = 74° 15' S 34° 17' W
1824/25 Hughes Sighted Hughes Bay in Graham Land England (Ship: Sprightly)
1825/26 Norris Sighting of Bouvet England (Ships: Spritely & Lively)
1825/29 Sinclair Shipwrecked off Kerguelen. Remained there 3 years. Reported by J. Nunn England (Ship: Royal Sovereign)
1828/31 Foster Mapped Deception Island. First expedition with knowledgeable measurements England (Ship: Chanticleer)
1829/30 N. Pendelton & A. Palmer First U.S. expedition with scientists USA (Ships: Seraph, Annawan, Penguin)
1829/31 Brown Explored northern South Sandwich Islands USA (Ship: Pacific)
1830 Harvey Explored Macquarie England (Ship Venus); Southernmost point = 72° S in Ross Sea
1830/32 Biscoe Discovered Enderby Land, Adelaide Island, Biscoe Island, and Graham Land coast. Circumnavigated Antarctica. England (Ships: Tula & Lively); Southernmost point = 13° E, 69° 25' S
1833/34 Rea Followed up on discoveries of Biscoe. England (Ships: Rose & Hopeful); Lost the Rose at 60° S 53° W.
1833/34 Kemp Discovered Kemp Land and Heard Island England (Ship: Magnet); Enderby sealer
1837/40 d'Urville Discovery of Adelie Land, Clarie Land and Louis Phillipe Land (north of Graham Land), and Joinville Island. First large party to land on the continent. French (Ships: Astrolabe and Zelee)
1837 Cecille Explored Prince Edward Island, Landed on Crozet Island French (Ship: Heroine)
1838/39 Balleny Discoved Balleny Island England (Ships: Eliza Scott and Sabrina)
1838/40 Wilkes Discovery of Wilkes Lands. Sailed along ~2700 km of coast and landed nine times. Large segment of Antarctic coastline mapped. USA (Ships Peacock, Flying Fish, Porpoise, Vincennes); Southernmost point = 100° W 70° S.
1839/43 Ross Discovered South Victoria Land and ice barrier. Mapped 500 miles of coastline. Exploration of Prince Edward Island, Crozet Island, Kerguelen Group, & Joinville Island; Discovery of Ross Island. First to navigate through pack ice barrier. Sailed along the wall of ice now know as Ross Ice Shelf. England (Ships: Erebus & Terror); Southernmost points = a) 161° 27' W 78° 10 S, b) 15°g 47' W 71° 30' S
1845 Moore Magnetic measurements England (Ship: Pagoda); Southernmost point = 39° 40'E 67° 51'S
 1849 Long Rediscovered Heard Island USA. (Ship: Charles Carroll)
 1850 Tapsell Rediscovered Balleny Island.  England (Ship: Brisk)

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