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Antarctic Explorers Timeline: ~650-1799

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Antarctic Expeditions from 650-1799
~650 Ui-te-Rangiora Reported sailing to a place of terrible cold where the sea was covered with a white powder and things like great white rocks rose high into the sky. Polynesia (canoes)
Probable sighting of South Georgia
Portugal (T. A. Vespucci)
Loose ice sighted 56 ° S of Magellan Straits
Discovered South Shetlands (disputed)
Netherlands (Ship: Blijde Boodschap)
de la Roche
Discovered South Georgia
1739 Bouvet Discovered Cape of Circumcision, which is now called Bouvet Island France (Ships: Aigle & Marie)
1756 Guyot Circumnavigated South Georgia Spain (Ship: León)
1771/72 Kerguelen- Trémarec Discovered Kerguélen Group France (Ships: Fortune and Gros-Venture)
1772 Marion & Crozet Discovered Prince Edward Island and Croset Island France, (Ships: Mascarin & Marquis de Castries)
1772/75 Cook Circumnavigated world just above the Antarctic circle. Landed on South Georgia Island. First to cross Antarctic circle (January 17, 1773). Discovered South Sandwich Islands English. (Ships Resolution and Adventure)
1773 Kerguelen- Trémarec de Rochegude aboard L'Oiseau claims W. Coast of Kerguelen France (Ships: Rolland, Oiseau & Dauphine)
1776 Cook Visits and maps Kerguelen. Also discovers Prince Edward, Marion, and Crozet Islands. England (Ships: Resolution & Discovery)
1790 Oyarvido Discovers Shag Rocks Spain (Ship: Principessa)
1799 Rhodes Maps north and east coast of Kerguelen. Maps very accurately for the time. England (Ship: Hillsborough)

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