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Antarctic Explorers Timeline

Antarctic Expeditions of the 1930s
de la Rue
Geologic research on Kerguelen
1930/31 Isachsen and Rüser-Larsen Discovered Princess Ragnhild Land and Lars-Christensen Land. Flight takeoff in Crown Prince Olaf Land Norway (Ship: Novegia)
1930-31 Halvorsen Discovered Princess Astrid Land.  Norway (Ship: Sevilla)
1930/31 Bull Discovered Princess Ragnhild Land Norway (Ship: Thorshammer)
1930/31 Brunvoll Discovered Lars Christensen Land Norway (Ship: Seksern)
1930/31 Reider Bjerkö  Sighted Lars Christensen Land  Norway (Ship: Bouvet II)
1930/31 Sjövold  Sighted Lars Christensen Land Norway (Ship: Bouvet III)
1930/31 Walter Discovered land between 65 and 60° E Norway (Ship: Thorgaut)
1930/31 Christensen  Discovered Bjerkö-Halbinsel Norway (Ship: Thorshavn)
1930/31 Mikkelsen Landed in Lars Christensen Land  Norway (Ship: Torlyn)
1930/31 Daehli Discovered land between 60 and 58° E Norway (Ship: Hilda Knudsen
1930/31 Borchgrevink Expedition in Enderby Land and Crown Prince Olaf Land Norway (Ship: Antarctic)
1930/32 Gunther Oceanographic research in Scotia Sea and in Weddell Sea  England (Ship: William Scoresby)
1931 Perot Exploration of Crozet and Kerguelen France (Ship: Antarès)
1931/33 John & Carey First research in Antarctica in winter. Oceanographic studies.   England (Ship: Discovery II)
1932/33 Rüser-Larsen Research along a sledge journey from 33° 50' E to Weddell Sea  Norway (Ships: Thorshavn & Thorshammer)
1933/34 Christensen & Mikkelsen Flight in Lars Christensen Land. Discovery of King Leopold and Queen Astrid Land and of shelf ice in front of Marie Byrd Land at 131° W. First woman to set foot on continent (Caroline Mikkelson), wife of the captain.  Norway (Ship: Thorsfavn)
1933/34 Ellsworth Flew over West Antarctica. Airplane wrecked on landing.  USA. (Ship: Wyatt Earp)
1933/35 Mackintosh & Nelson Oceanographic and biological research. Examination of Scotia Sea and Prince Edward Island. England (Ship: Discovery II)
1933/35 Byrd Mapped Marie Byrd Land and the regions near Queen Maud Mountains. Discovered Horlick Mountains. Established Little America station USA (Ships: Bear of Oakland & Jacob Ruppert)
1934 Evans Exploration of Bouvet Island (no landing).  England (Ship: Milford)
1934/35 Ellsworth Flight along east coast of northern Graham Land. Established Snow Hill base.  USA. (Ship: Wyatt Earp)
1934/35 Mikkelsen Discovered Ingrid Christensen Land.  Norway (Ship: Thorshavn)
1934/35 Rayner & Boothby  Biological research south of Africa  England (Ship: William Scoresby)
1934/37 Rymill Research on west coast of Graham Land. Sledge journey to the east coast and discovered King George VI Sound. England (Ship: Penola; Aircraft: DeHavilland Fox Moth)
1935/36    Whale research Norway (Ship: J. H. Bull)
1935/36 Ellsworth Transpolar flight. Discovered Sentinel Mountains and Hollick-Kenyon Plateaus. Made claims of land for the USA that were never pursued USA (Ship: Wyatt Earp)
1935/36 Rayner & Boothby Mapped Robertson Land. Discovered Edward VII gulf. Landed in West Scoresby Bay, Kempland. England (Ship: William Scoresby)
1935/37 Deacon & Hill Exploration in Scotia Meer. Relief expedtion for Ellsworth in Ross Sea. Exploration of Balleny Islands. England (Ship: Discovery II)
1936/37 Hart & Boothby  Whaling in Indian Ocean near Enderby Land. England (Ship: William Scoresby)
1936/37 Christensen Air photography between west shelf ice  and Enderby Land. Discovered Prince Harold Land. Sighted Princess Astrid Land. Norway (Ships: Thorshavn & Firern)
1936/37 Bravold Discovered west part of King Leopold and Queen Astrid Land.  Norway (Ship: Thorshammer)  
1937 Thomsen Exploration of King George Island, South Shetlands.  England (Ship: Ajax)
1937/38 Rayner & Freaker Traveled between Bouvet and Peter I Islands. Landed on Saunders, South Sandwich Islands.  England (Ship: William Scoresby)
1937/39 Herdman & Hill Oceanographic work. Explored Baleny Islands and landed on Bouvet. England (Ship: Discovery II)
1938/39 Ritscher Discovered and mapped New Schwaben Land  Germany (Ship: Schwabenland)
1938/39 Ellsworth Flight from American Highland.   USA (Ship: Wyatt Earp); southernmost point: 72° S, 79° E
1939 de la Ripelle Oceanographic research. Exploration of Prince Edward, Crozet, and Kerguelen. France (Ship: Bougainville)

Siple (W-B)

Established that Alexander I. Land was an island. Discovered Thurston Island. Explored east coast of Graham Land. Claims in Marie Byrd Land and Ross Sea region. Western base was Little America, eastern was Stonington. USA (Ships: North Star & Bear)

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