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Antarctic Explorers Timeline

Antarctic Expeditions of the 1940s
Explored Prince Edward and Kerguelen.
England (Ship: Kreuzer Neptune)
1941 Peachy Destroyed station off Deception island England (Ship: Kreuzer Queen of Bermuda)
1940/41 Krüder Worked in southern Indian Ocean. Explored Kerguelen. Germany (Ship: Pinguin)
1940/41 Rogge Explored Kerguelen. Germany (Ship: Atlantis
1940/41 Eyssen Sailed along Wilkes land. Explored Kerguelen. Southernmost point: 71° 36' S, 170° 44' W Germany (Ship: Komet )
1941   Sunk in fjords off the east side of Kerguelen. England (Ship: Kreuzer Australia
1942 Oddera Photographed Deception and Melchior Archipeligo. Constructed beacons on Lambda Island and buoys off Point Gallows. Claimed portions of Antarctica for Argentina. Argentina (Ships: 1st of May & Ministro Ezcurra)
1943 Kitson Explored Deception and South Orkneys. Removed Argentina's national emblem. England (Ship: Kreuzer Carnavon Castle)
1943 Harriague Hydrographic work. Explored Melchior Islands, Stonington and Deception. Removed British national emblem. Constructed buoys in Marguerite Bay. Argentina (Ship 1st of May)
1943/44 Marr Constructed stations on Deception and Point Lockroy to report on enemy submarine action. Sailed along north coast of Graham Land. England (Ships: William Scoresby & Fitzroy)
1944 Dato Montero  Routine sailing Argentina (Ship: Pampa)
1944/45 Taylor Constructed a station at Hope Bay and huts at Sandeford Bay, South Orkneys. Photographed Ross Island. England (Ships: William Scoresby, Fitzroy, & Eagle)
1945 Korimblum  Routine sailing. Argentina (Ship: Chaco)
1945/46 Bingham  Constructed a station at Cape Geddes and Stonington Island. Sledge journey along the east coast and surveyed Trinity Peninsula. England (Ships: William Scoresby, Fitzroy, & Trepassey.)
1946 Moreno  Routine sailing Argentina (Ship: Chaco)
1946 Gibson-Hill Ornithological research on South Georgia Island. England (Ship: small ship of his own)
1946/47 Rankin  Zoology and photographic research. Photographed South Georgia. England (Ex-Lifeboat: Albatross)
1946/47   Meteorological and zoological research in the Australian sector England (Ship: Balaena)
1946/47 Butler Construction of stations at Admiralty Bay and Signy along with Argentina Islands. Sledge journeys in Southern Graham Land. Recordings of Trinity Peninsula. England (Ships: Fitzroy & Trepassey)
1946/47 Byrd Operation Highjump - a ship-based and land-based air expedition which mapped 1, 390,000 square km along the coasts of Antarctica. Flew over South Pole February 15, 1947. First use of helicopters and icebreakers. USA (Ships:Northwind, Mount Olympus, Yancey, Merrick, Sennet, Pine Island, Brownson, Canisteo, Currituck, Cacapon, Henderson & Burton Island; Aircraft: 33)
1947    Air survey of Macquaire Australia (Aircraft: Lincoln Bomber)
1947 Garcia Established station on Melchior Bay, a beacon off Point Py and buoys off Cape Ann. Argentina (Ships: Patagonia, Chaco, King, Murature, Ministro Ezcurra, Granville, & Don Samuel)
1947 Guesalaga Constructed station at Greenwich. Research on islands especially Deception, Wiencke, Melchior and Marguerite Bay Chile (Ships: Angamos & Iquique)
1947 Portilla Flew from Argentina over Deception, Melchior and Adelaide Islands Argentina (Aircraft: Douglas GT-1)
1947/48 Hermelo Established Base Deception and an ancillary base at Admiralty Bay Argentina (Ships: Pampa, Ministro Ezcurra, Murature, Chiriguano, Sanaviron, Seaver, Parker, E. Brunt, & Charrua)
1947/48 Holgerson Oceanographic research in the area of Bellingshausen Sea. Landed on Peter I Island. Norway (Ship: Brategg)
1947/48 Ketchum Evacuated Little America Station. Established 17 Geodetic positions using aircraft. USA (Ships: Edisto & Burton Island; Aircraft: 3 helicopters & 1 seaplane )
1947/48 Ronne Air exploration of Weddell Sea coastline and mountain ranges of the Peninsula. Mapped Southern Graham Land. Discovery of Lassiter Ice Shelf and Edith Ronne Land. Expedition included 2 women. USA (Ship: Port of Beaumont; Aircraft: 3 planes)
1947/48 Campbell Mapped Balleny Islands. Cruise along the coast of King George V Land. Exploration of Macquarie. Australia (Ship: Wyatt Earp)
1947/48 Dixon Established stations on Heard and Macquarie. Australia (Ship: L.S.T. 3501)
1947/48 Crawford Erected Station on Marion Island. Measured the island and conducted biological research. South Africa Union (Ships: Transvaal & Good Hope)
1948/53   Routine sailing near Marion South Africa Union (Ships: 1948 Norse Captain & Bloemfontein)
1948 Fuchs Established station in Admiralty Bay. Measured the islands there and the bay. Mapped Ross Island. Did geological research on Adelaide Island and Alexander I Island. England (Ships: John Biscoe, Snipe, & Fitzroy)
1948 Carranza Argentine maneuvers in the Bransfield Strait. Argentina (Ships: Kreuzer Almirante Brown, Veinticinco de May, 6 Zerstörer, Transporter Pampa, Patagonia, & Ushuaia)


Established Base O'Higgins. Explored Bransfield Strait, 3 sledge journeys to the interior of Graham Land. Chile (Ships: Convadonga & Rancagua)
1948 Law Measurements of heard Island. Biological research.Cosmic radiation and ionospheric studies off Macquarie. Australia (Ship: Labuan)


Buildings and air beacon constructed on Waifs and Pabellon. Argentina (Ship: Chiriguano, Sanaviron, & Charrua)
1948/49 Palau Hydrographic and meteorologic work in the Bransfield Strait. Argentina (Ships: Heroina & Sarandi)
1948/49 Liotard Research on Adelie Land France (Ship: Commandant Charcot)
1948/49   Relief party for Arturo Prat and O'Higgins Bases. That of O'Higgins accomplished by aircraft. Chilie (Ships: Covadonga & Lautaro)


Mapped King George Island. Sledge journeys to Dion Islands and Eklund Island south of Alexander I Land. England (Ship: John Biscoe)
1949 Durquet Built the huts Neko and established storage depots on Deception. Measurements in the Gerlache Strait. Argentina (Shisp: Pampa, Chaco, Chiriguano, Sanaviron, & Punta Ninfas)
1949 Fountaine Photographed a beach on Deception Island. Relief of O'Higgins by aircraft. Flight over Trinity Peninsula. Measurements in the South Shetlands. Chile (Ships: Covadonga, Maipo, & Lautaro)
1949/50 Varela Preparation for a new expedition. Argentina (Ship: Chiriguano)
1949/50  Sicaud Established a station on Kerguelen. France (Ship: La Pérouse)
1949/50 Law Continued scholarly research on Heard and Macquarie. Australia (Ship: Labuan)
1949/50 Liotard Constructed a station in Adelie Land. Sledge journeys to the E and W coasts and the interior of Adelie Land. France (Ship: Commandant Charcot)
1949/50 Arizzi Expedition of professors to Deception, Melchior and Drake Strait. Argentina (Ship: Chaco & Punta Ninfas)


Relief expedition to Deception. Relief expedition to O'Higgins. Hydrographic work in Bransfield Strait. Built hut on Coppermine Cove on Cape Roberts. Chile (Ships: Inquique, Maipo, & Lientur)
1949/52  Giaever  Established Maudheim Station . Sledge journeys and aerial photography of 38,000 miles of Queen Maud Land. Norway, England, Sweden (Ship Norsel

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