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Polar Tracks

What Is It? Polar Tracks allows teachers to make or find web-based lessons or collections of web sites that are related to topics related to the work done by PRISM. These lessons are called "Tracks."

Where Do These Lessons Come From? Teachers and teachers-in-training have made these lessons using an online utility called TrackStar to collect and annotate web sites they have found on the Internet. All material in TrackStar is reviewed by TrackStar staff and is appropriate for student use. We do, however, strongly recommend that you preview any Track just prior to using it, as web sites do change.

TrackStar is sponsored by ALTec , a nonprofit group which sponsors a variety of projects, like the PRISM K-12 Outreach site and HPR*TEC . ALTec is dedicated to helping teachers utilize technology in their classrooms.

Get Started

Find A Track

Instructions: Click on a link below to get a list of lessons related to that topic. Then click the name of the track. Once the track loaded, choose View in Frames or View in Text to see the actual lesson.


Make Or Edit A Track

Instructions: This is a free service, but a teacher must register. Registration ensures that all lesson material is accessible for that teacher. You will be taken to the HPR*TEC site to make your lesson. To return here, use the back buttons on your browser

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