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David Braaten, associate professor of atmospheric science at the University of Kansas, has been to Antarctica five times. Braaten said the road was a good solution. "It's a good idea. It's an efficient way to transport fuel and supplies," said Braaten. "You open up options to use the planes for other uses."

Braaten has had to deal with this very problem; his plans recently changed because of a shortage of flights. When he asked for an Antarctic field test of a new radar system, Braaten said,"the silence was deafening." He said the construction on the new research station was taking up a lot of flights, and it seemed the NSF was not taking on any new projects requiring flights. As it is, the Antarctic Sun reported that this year's flights were 2 million pounds behind schedule.

By Rachel Larson, Staff Writer

Here Wright crosses a crevasse.
Photo from the Antarctic Sun

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