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PRISM Spectrum brings you science stories written by members of the PRISM outreach team. There is a particular focus on science that occurs in Kansas and the Midwest.

  • A Horse is a horse, or a takh
    (The Topeka Capital Journal)
    The now-vanished herds of wild horses that once thundered across the grasslands are on their way back. . .

  • Geologist to help clean Kansas groundwater
    (The Topeka Capital Journal)
    Almost half the water consumed in Kansas comes straight out of the ground. . .

  • Such a Waste
    (Science Coalition)
    The United States made its last nuclear bomb in 1989. Since then, we've dismantled two-thirds of our peak arsenal of 60,000 weapons. . .

  • Safe Harvest
    (Kansas Alumni)
    Herbal medicines may be good for you, but are they good for the herbs? That question is the focus of a study addressing concerns that the popularity of natural remedies may lead to overharvesting of wild herbs. . .

  • Snakeheads
    Anybody reading this in Overland Park might want to watch out for northern snakeheads on the lawn. You Goodland readers can rest easy, however. . .