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Kayaks and Fishing Tools

a circle of line made of leather.

Fishing Line

This is made out of bladder with an ivory fixture and a leather thong for a harpoon line. Collected 1895.


Length: 39 cm
Width: 17 cm


Catalogue Number: E2046


little wooden float that looks like a walrus or pig

Miniature Float

Made of wood, leather, and ivory. Listed by collector as a "miniature sealskin float." It is probably a toy. Collected in 1895.


Length: 11 cm
Width: 3.5 cm


Catalogue Number: E2050

Belly of the Float


Miniature Float

This wooden float originally belonged to the miniature Kayak shown below (Catalogue Number: E2041). Good condition. Collected 1895.


Length: 5 cm
Width: 3 cm


Catalogue Number: E2108

Belly of the Float

little wooden float that looks like a little animal--bear or pig


Miniature Kayak and Doll

This is a miniature wooden kayak that holds a half-doll. This piece also includes a harpoon, spear, paddles, and a float. The doll can be removed from kayak. Doll is in poor condition, but kayak is in good condition. Collected 1895.


Length: 71 cm
Width: 7 cm

Catalogue Number: E2042a and E2042b

doll in minature kayak

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Miniature Kayak

This is a toy kayak that is holding a doll with a wood and ivory paddle. Condition poor with many cracks in kayak, but is very beautiful work. Kayak is made of some type of skin or bladder. This toy was collected 1895.


Length: 120 cm
Height: 19 cm
Width: 31.5 cm

Catalogue Number: E2041

another minature kayak with doll seated in it.

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Collection Information

The materials pictured and described on this page are part of the Spencer Museum of Art's collection, More information about these objects can be found at


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