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Chapter 2 - New Zealand

Wow, look at this sculptured gate at the Auckland Airport. We had never seen anything like it. We asked some people and they said it was a Maori sculpture. The Maori are Polynesian people who were the first known people live in New Zealand. The Maori people did not use an alphabet until white men came to New Zealand, but wrote using symbols in carvings (sort of like the Egyptians used hieroglyphics). Every part of a carving means something. You can learn more about the carvings and what they mean at the Maori website.

We walked from the International terminal at the Aukland airport to the domestic terminal. The domestic terminal is where you get airplanes that go to places in New Zealand. The international terminal lets you take planes to other countries. We did the same thing in Los Angeles, going from the domestic terminal (flights within the United States) to the International terminal. The walk at the Aukland airport gave us our first glimpse of some of the trees and flowers in New Zealand. Did you know that most of the Lord of the Rings movie was made in New Zealand?

The kiwi is the national bird of New Zealand. We found this kiwi at the gift shop in the Christchurch airport. We learned that kiwi, like a penguin, cannot fly. And the kiwi is an endangered species. They have a very long bill and eat insects (especially worms), fruit and small eels. Their closest relatives are ostriches. You can see some photos and learn more about kiwis at the Kiwi Recovery site.


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