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Chapter 3 - More New Zealand

Here we are sitting on the deck outside our hotel room. We woke up to the sounds of birds chirping, so we came out on the deck to look around. The flowers here are just beautiful. It is hard to believe it is summer here, when it is winter back home. But we think it is always pretty nice weather here.

In Christchurch, the average high temperature is 12� C in the winter and the low is 3� C. If you need to translate that to Fahrenheit degrees like we use in the United States, you can use the converter at Temperature World. If you want to compare that to other cities, you can go to WorldClimate to find the temperatures and rainfall for lots of different cities all over the world.

OzGold is trying to find just the right postcard to send home to his friends. There are so many beautiful cards, it is hard to pick just one. He finally settled on one with a map of New Zealand and one that showed sheep in a meadow. Sheep are a very important agricultural product of New Zealand.

We really liked the New Zealand money. The bills have holes in them that are covered with a clear plastic that has the amount on it. And every bill is a different color. They are beautiful. They don't have any pennies and they don't have 1 dollar bills. They have a $1 gold colored coin instead. They also have a $2 coin. But we love the money. We are going to bring some back with us when we go home.

When we opened our newspaper this morning it had a very sad story about 120 whales that were stranded on a beach here in New Zealand. This worried us a lot, so we kept watching TV. Luckily, the volunteers who came to help the whales were able to get all but ten safely back out to sea the next day. We were glad that these animals were rescued by people willing to help them.


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