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Chapter 4 - McMurdo Station, Antarctica

Here we are at McMurdo. We got here on this big military jet - a C17. It landed on an ice runway. It was really different because after the plane landed there was no feeling of it slowing down like there is on a regular runway. It was just smooth as silk.

Then we got on the big Terra Bus with the different science groups to go to McMurdo station. The Terra Bus is huge and way high off the ground. It also goes very slowly as it drives across the ice. We are eager to get to McMurdo and see if it is a lot like the Australian research stations we visited in our first Antarctic adventure. McMurdo is one of three research stations that belong to the United States. The others are Palmer and South Pole. We are very glad to be here at last.

Here we are in McMurdo. That is McMurdo Sound behind us. There are telephone and power poles everywhere.

We have bunk beds in our dorm room. That is too cool! OzGold claimed the top bed. Sure hope he doesn't fall out in the night. We share the dorm room with two other scientists as well as Jennifer Holvoet from the PRISM group. We are so tired, we may need a nap before we start off. And we need to go eat pretty soon. They have a huge dining room where everyone can eat at the same time.


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