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Chapter 6 - Around McMurdo - Places

There's lots of buildings around McMurdo. This is a typical street scene where you can see a few of the buildings. The buildings are not very pretty, but are quite functional. The people carrying bags here are some of our team members, Jerome Mitchell and Abdul Jabbar. The building to their left is a dorm and the one to their right is building 155 where we lived and where the store and galley are.

There is a fire station, a hospital and lots of dorms. Here is the fire truck going out to investigate a fuel spill. You have to report any fuel that is spilled so it can be cleaned up before it pollutes anything.

There is also a post office, library, bowling alley, exercise gyms and lots of supply and vehicle maintenance places. There is one store that is open for a few hours every day except Tuesday. The buildings are all numbered, so when someone tells you to go to building 140 to find the post office, you need a map to figure out where it is. The post office is a US Post Office so it had typical United States stamps. We were hoping for special Antarctic stamps.

We visited the library and thought it was really neat. It was much bigger than we expected. It has books you can keep as well as books you can check out. We were happy to look at a current magazine.

There were lots of wonderful handmade decorations in the library. One of our favorite was this dragon.


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