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Chapter 7 - The Galley and Dining Room

This is the galley or kitchen area where we get our food. It is a cafeteria. They have some great cooks here. There are always vegetarian meals as well as a choice of two kinds of meat dishes. There is a baker who makes the best deserts and fresh bread. We also have a choice of 6 kinds of juice, coffee or tea to drink.

There are lots of kinds of deserts, but we only have ice cream once in a while. The machine that makes the ice cream is called "Mr. Frosty". I love ice cream so I never pass up the chance to have some. Eating enough calories is really important to stay warm and healthy in this cold climate. I found a science experiment where you can make ice cream with snow or crushed ice in a plastic bag. Maybe you can talk your parents or teacher into letting you make ice cream this way.

This is the dining room where everyone eats. They have several meal shifts so that people who work the night shift can eat too. Let's do a math problem. If there are 115 seats in the dining room, but there are 500 people at McMurdo, how many shifts would they need to have to allow everyone to eat?

These are some of the gingerbread houses made by the kitchen staff and used for decoration before Christmas. We loved the igloo gingerbread house.


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