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This journal by Berkley, an American bear, and his friend OzGold, an Australian bear, depicts their adventures as they accompanied the PRISM team to McMurdo Station, Antarctica in the winter of 2005-2006. Each chapter contains 3-8 photos and text. Some chapters have links to information or games outside the PRISM site. Links will open in a different window. To view the journals, it is recommended that you have at least Flash Player 7 installed on your computer (unless you would like to view the text version). Click here to download and install the latest version if you do not have it already.

Chapter 1 - Flying to New Zealand - (text)
Chapter 2 - New Zealand - (text)
Chapter 3 - More New Zealand - (text)
Chapter 4 - McMurdo Station, Antarctica - (text)
Chapter 5 - Rocks In McMurdo - (text)
Chapter 6- Around McMurdo - Places - (text)
Chapter 7 - The Galley and Dining Room - (text)
Chapter 8 - Around McMurdo - Church - (text)
Chapter 9 - Staying Well - (text)
Chapter 10 - Crary Lab in McMurdo - (text)
Chapter 11 - Mount Erebus - (text)
Chapter 12 - Christmas at McMurdo - (text)
Chapter 13 - Scott Discovery Hut - (text)
Chapter 14 - At Hut Point - (text)
Chapter 15 - Happy Camper School - (text)

Chapters 16-27

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