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Data Page from Oct. 21 - 26, 2000

All information is from the Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions Voyage 1, 2000/2001 Davis-Mawson-Heard Island taken by Aurora Australis.

All observations taken at 0500 Universal Time. All temperatures are in degrees Celsius.


Air Temp

Sea Temp
Ice Conditions
Weather Conditions
Sea Conditions
Oct. 21
-62 27.58
85 48.80
8/10 pack ice; some open leads
not applicable
-63 59.80
82 14.53
8/10 pack ice (first year) with numerous multi-year floes cloudy, fine and clear n/a
Oct. 23
-65 11.44
78 43.87
8/10 heavily ridged consolidated floes cloudy, fine and clear n/a
Oct. 24
-68 10.9
77 38.7
10/10 thin pack ice with bands of heavy floes. overcast with haze, wind 10 knots n/a
Oct. 25
-68 33.98
77 53.61
fast ice 1.7 m thick with 250 mm snow cloudy, fine and clear n/a
Oct. 26
-68 33.98
77 53.61
fast ice 1.7 m thick with 250 mm snow cloudy, fine and clear n/a

Remarks by Suzanne and Gordon:

Oct 21: Marco Coolen (researcher from the Netherlands) presented a paper yesterday afternoon on his proposed Lakes Research in the Vestfold Hills. Safety Muster today for Expos followed by specialized briefing for Crew on helicopter fire fighting. Planning for arrival at Davis on Tuesday 24th or Wednesday 25th -depending on ice conditions. Fly Off not expected before 100 nm from the Station depending on weather conditions. Field Training continues. BBQ on the Trawl Deck tonight.

Oct. 22: Trades Group met on Saturday Afternoon to plan their work commitments and responsibilities. VL had Radio Sked with Station Leader, Davis to plan operations. We receive daily reports on their preparations and are very pleased and grateful for all the hard work and thought they are putting in for our arrival. Seal Meetings and Field Training continues. Overseas expos amazed at BBQ on the Trawl Deck -only Aussies can enjoy a BBQ when it's -14 degrees outside and your bread and lettuce freezes whilst you are waiting for your meat!! 'No Talent' Night proved just that!! Operational, Environmental and Helicopter briefing (including helicopter familiarization in the hangar) for those going to Davis this morning, others are this afternoon. Although slow overnight due to heavy ice still plan for Davis arrival on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Oct 23: All Operational, Environmental and Helicopter Briefings completed for Expos Sunday. Vessel stopped for 5 hours overnight due to darkness and heavy ice conditions. Ops, Environment and Heli briefings for ships' crew completed Monday morning. Field Training this morning included talks by Phil Targett on Antarctic Weather, and by Melissa Giese and Sam Lake on Practical Env1ronmental Considerations at Davis such as Quad routes and waste management. Depending on vessels' progress today -hope to fly to Davis Tuesday afternoon (depending on weather) and the ship should arrive at Davis on Wednesday.

Monday's Fuel Figures: 839,133

Oct. 24: Sked with Davis held on Monday afternoon to plan operations. Entered the realm of King Neptune at 1500 and those new to his Kingdom declared their loyalty and became his subjects. Planned flyoff operations for this morning but weather at ship and station not suitable to fly. Situation under review but expect ship to arrive at Davis late this afternoon.

Currently having hourly skeds with Davis to receive met obs and to report progress.

Captain has pointed out that the temperature is 10 degrees colder than similar voyage last year -track at present is ice where it was water at that time, we will need to rug up well for unloading operations.

Oct. 25: Met edge of fast ice (1.8m thick with heavy snow cover) at 1445.� It was then heavy going with the vessel backing and ramming. At 1830 Bob Jones, Station Leader came onboard to brief expos and mail was transferred by Hagglunds to Davis. The 'Flyoff expos then transferred ashore by Hagglunds. After a night of very heavy going the vessel arrived at 0415. At 0800 the expos started transferring ashore, snow was cleared from the wharf area and blading of helicopters was started. Discharge of the foredeck commenced at 0930. Now preparing for fruit and veg and scientific run to Zhong Shan.

Oct. 26: One chopper flew to Zhon Shan with expos and fruit and veg. Minor mechanical probs and worsening weather prevented further flights. Completed discharge of hatch covers this morning and first LIDAR unit was ashore by 1045. Zhon Shan run completed this morning. Now preparing for flights to Rauer Islands. Fuel Transfer planning meeting this afternoon. We appreciate the warm welcome given us by Davis Station and the huge amount of work undertaken by them to prepare for our arrival.




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