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Data Page from Oct. 27 - Nov. 2, 2000

All information is from the Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions Voyage 1, 2000/2001 Davis-Mawson-Heard Island taken by Aurora Australis.

All observations taken at 0500 Universal Time. All temperatures are in degrees Celsius.


Air Temp

Sea Temp
Ice Conditions
Weather Conditions
Sea Conditions
Oct. 27
-68 33.98
77 53.61
fast ice 1.7 m. thick with 250 mm snow
cloudy, fine and clear, wind 12 knots
not applicable
-68 33.98
77 53.61
fast ice 1.7 m. thick with 250 mm snow cloudy, fine and clear, wind 7 knots n/a
Oct. 29
-68 33.98
77 53.61
fast ice 1.7 m. thick with 250 mm snow cloudy, fine and clear, wind 12 knots n/a
Oct. 30
-66 37.88
76 34.29
10/10 new ice with ridging fine and clear n/a
Oct. 31
-64 26.23
77 05.71
9/10 pack ice with open leads cloudy, fine and clear n/a
Nov. 1
-62 01.86
73 22.47
8/10 loose pack ice with some heavy floes and a few bergs overcast, 10 knots of wind n/a
Nov. 2
 -62 59.96
66 53.07
 9/10 pack ice with some open water patches  overcast, 20 knots of wind  n/a

Remarks by Suzanne and Gordon:

Oct 27: Rauer Islands flights completed Thursday and flights to Landing Bluff deployed group and equipment. Lower number 1 hold discharged and backloaded, Lower number 2 hold is half discharged. This is in spite of one skidder out of action for a few hours. Fuel Transfer meeting held, lines pressure tested and pumping commenced at 1830. A very efficient operation. Enthusiastic help with re-supply is appreciated - it really is a team effort.

Oct. 28: Fuel pumping completed at 1545 Friday, the fuel line was disconnected at 1930 (after some problems with first pigging) and the hoses packed away at 130. Pumping took a total of 19.5 hours. The fuel team did a great job in very cold conditions -and there was an excellent roster system in place for the monitoring crew.�

Flights were conducted to Beaver Lake and from Landing Bluff to Beaver Lake to position field parties. Problems with helicopter throttle cable preclude long distance flying today but expect to fly to Rauer Islands.�

Discharge of cargo for Davis completed this morning. Lower holds are full of RTA cargo and backloading continuing. Expeditioners and Ships' Crew are working in cold conditions -some plant and equipment is also feeling the cold!! Confirmation of Heard Island Cargo amounts still not received but are planning on amounts as per SAO message. BBQ tonight on station - expect to sail 1700 Sunday.

Oct 29: RTA cargo completed Saturday night and lashing almost complete. Dallis Farewell BBQ a very special night - complete with the Davis Big Band for entertainment. It was a good opportunity for all members of the teams to thank each other for a job well done!!�

Flight to Rauer Islands this morning to return Field Training Officer to station. Plan to fly helicopters onboard at 1500 and depart at 1700.�

When Mawson and Heard Island cargo has been discharged we will have 3 empty half heights, 3 empty reefers, 4 empty E Boxes and deck space for 30 cage pallets for Heard Island goods.�

Oct. 30: Further helicopter flight to Rauer Islands Sunday afternoon, plus another to Rauers and Sorsdal with Field Training Officer and Glaciologists to reccie future field work site. Helicopters onboard at 1504 and 1534. All expos onboard at 1600. Sailed at 1645. Thanks to all at Davis for a very efficient operation and a great time!! We miss you already.

Oct. 31: Stopped for almost 5 hours overnight due to darkness, poor visibility and snow showers. Onboard programs continue. Minke and Humpback whales around. Met buoy number 4870 turned on this morning.�

Monday's Fuel Figures: 689,477

Nov. 1 : Pinch, Punch, First of the Month. Not much to say except that given good weather and ice conditions we expect to be at Mawson Flyoff position on Saturday.

Nov. 2: Drifting Met Buoy number 4870 deployed at 0817 (local). Afternoon general interest talks continue. Planning meeting held regarding Mawson Flyoff operations. Still plan for arrival at flyoff point on Saturday. Clocks back one hour tonight - we will then be on Mawson time.�




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