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Wednesday 27 September 2000
OzGold and I spent today at the Macquarie Wharf on Hobart’s waterfront with Gordon. The ship was not there but there was this huge shed and regularly through the day trucks arrived with small and big containers, crates, boxes, reels, vehicles, drums of aviation fuel, drums of petrol, refrigerated containers with cool room and frozen foods. Gordon spent his time checking arriving goods against this big list he had. The biggest pieces were three sections of a special building we are taking down to Davis station. These are the LIDAR building - but I’ll tell you more about that another time. During the afternoon a news photographer came down and took some photos of Gordon with the LIDAR building.

Thursday 28 September 2000
Deliveries continued at the wharf, there just seems to be so much that is going on down there. Gordon tells us that most of it is for Davis station and is their major resupply of equipment and stores for a whole year. It will be interesting to see how it all fits onto the ship and also how it gets off the ship at the other end.



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