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Friday 13 October 2000
Field Training has resumed after the bad weather of recent days. Gordon attended an initial Planning Meeting for Helicopter Operations. There was a well attended talk this afternoon by Biologist Judy on the Automated Penguin Monitoring System (APMS).

Judy is one of the 82 expeditioners on board – we tell you about them all in the special report "People on board – expeditioners".

Tonight was, of course, Friday the 13th, so some people organised a "Fright Night" party in the bar. Most people on the ship entered into the fun of it all and put together some wonderful costumes from whatever they could find. Gordon had a real ugly rubber mask which he wore with a big paper bag over that - with the sign "Too Frightful to Show." It’s hard to describe the costumes - some simple, others very elaborate; Gordon has some wonderful digital photos someone took at the party and will send some along when he gets back from the trip. The party also saw a Pirate with a Penguin on his shoulder, the Headless Horseman, a victim or two, black cats, and some ghouls and goblins but no spirits!! ANARE ingenuity is alive and well!!



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