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Monday 23 October 2000
The ship stopped for five hours overnight due to darkness and heavy ice conditions. Operations, Environment and Helicopter briefings for ships’ crew were completed this morning. Field Training this morning included talks by Meteorologist Phil on Antarctic Weather and by Biologists Melissa and Sam on practical environmental considerations at Davis such as Quad routes and waste management.

We replied to some more questions from Betty and her students - see the special report "More questions and answers".

We had a radio Sked this afternoon with Davis to plan operations; depending on vessels’ progress today and weather we hope to fly to Davis tomorrow and the ship should arrive at Davis on Wednesday.

A major event of the day was that at 1500 we entered the Realm of King Neptune and those new to his Kingdom declared their loyalty and became his subjects. And then there was another special event after that – see the special reports "We enter King Neptune’s Realm" and "Gordon’s gone and done what?"



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