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Saturday 28 October 2000
After doing some on-deck cargo work, Gordon made a quick trip back into Davis mainly to make a phone call to talk with Betty Trummell in Crystal Lake, USA. No particular reason other than to take the opportunity to actually talk to each other after nearly a year of email contact. It was close to 2300 Friday in Crystal Lake and Betty had dozed off in front of the TV. It must have been such a shock getting the call right out of the blue.

Back at the ship in the afternoon during some slack time Gordon took OzGold and me down on to the ice where we did some exploring of ice cliffs and ice caves and we did some climbing and abseiling.

Gordon decided to remain on the ship this evening but nearly everyone else including all available crew members went ashore for a barbecue and party. It was apparently very good and very noisy and the last visitors came back to the ship at around midnight.




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