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Tuesday 31 October 2000
Meteorological Buoy number 4870 was turned on this morning. Oh, how cryptic. What does this mean? All will be revealed soon.

Today was a good day to catch up on some mail and talk about ice seeing we are surrounded by it. See the special report "Ice".

Wednesday 1 November 2000
Not much to say except that given good weather and ice conditions we expect to be at Mawson Fly off position on Saturday. And for the soul – came across a lovely piece of verse – see the special report "Imagery".

Thursday 2 November 2000
We deployed drifting Meteorological Buoy number 4870 at 0817. Read all about these in the special report "Drifting buoys".

Afternoon general interest talks continue. Planning meeting held regarding Mawson Fly off operations.

We are still working hard to get through this very heavy ice before we can start our operations to put 21 people and four tonnes of cargo ashore at Mawson – on Saturday by helicopter probably from about 140 miles out.

Clocks adjusted back one hour tonight - we are now on Mawson time.




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