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Thursday 9 November 2000
We retrieved the Continuous Plankton Recorder from its final transect at 0810. Sailed by the McDonald Islands, some 20 miles to the west of Heard Island, this morning - excellent cloud free visibility from 0930 to about 1030. Sailed to 4nm (to the point where soundings end). We saw steam ‘puffing’ strongly from one major vent and a few smaller ones!! A good morning for Kodak!!

So, what is this place we have come to and what about some history? See the special report "Heard Island".

We dropped anchor at 1245 in Atlas Cove. Heard Island Field Leader Andrew and the Senior Pilot came aboard at 1325 for an operational meeting; Chief Officer and Bosun returned to shore to inspect RTA cargo. Sling loading commenced at 1540 - 40 loads including concrete bags, cage pallets, pallets, empty fuel drums and bundles were stowed onboard. One Heard Island expeditioner and aerial camera gear also came aboard. All goods for Heard Island were discharged. Heard Island IRBs provided SAR support. A small hut was flown to Spit Point and expeditioners returned to Atlas Cove to consolidate operations and save ship time.

Operations ceased at 2020.

Friday 10 November 2000
The Aurora steamed up and down in the lee of the Island overnight. Strong winds and snow showers stopped operations this morning until 1115, when passenger runs started. Vessel remained in Corinthian Bay to avoid wind gusts. Six flights completed followed by five cargo runs - despite several breaks due to snow showers and squalls. Operations were completed at 1724 including all passengers on board, personal effects, scientific samples, field huts, rubbish and helicopters. This was completed in 23 flights since yesterdays report, a total of about 75 flights for the Heard Island Operation. We were able to remove more rubbish than planned.

At 1800 this evening we slipped away from Heard lsland after the frantic 29 hour visit - more detail in the special report "Heard Island Operations". Tentatively it looks like we will arrive in Fremantle, Western Australia on Sunday 19th.

Write to you tomorrow - now its time to clean up, batten down the cabin for rough weather and sleep.




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