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Saturday 11 November 2000
It was a relaxing day, catching up on sleep, laundry and food. Safety drills as usual this morning. Expeditioners (30) now outnumber the Crew (21) again.

When we were on Heard Island yesterday, Gordon made a special point of seeing a couple of expeditioners with whom he had had some dealings regarding the search for a missing document. This is something Gordon has been searching for for some time, and he had asked these expeditioners to make a search for him. What is this mysterious document and why is it so important? Read all about in the special report "Heard Island Treasure Hunt".

Sunday 12 November 2000
Gordon participated in Safety and Hazard rounds with Ships’ Crew this morning and OzGold and I accompanied him. We got into all sorts of strange places on the ship we hadn’t been to before – like down the front where the big chains for the anchors are housed, and into some of the engine spaces. The Heard Island Unwashed have been slowly emerging squeaky clean - showers and washing machines are in overdrive!!

Clocks advanced one hour tonight putting us on Western Australian time.
We expect to arrive at the Pilot, Fremantle at 0700 on Saturday 18 November given continued good weather and sea conditions. Very pleasant cruising at present!!




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