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Monday 13 November 2000
Very pleasant cruising continues. Heard Islanders are gradually recovering.

Onboard programs continue and are extended with kelp observations being made.
It’s a bit like a millpond outside, most unusual for this part of the world according to Gordon and others on board. Definitely not typical Southern Indian Ocean cruising!!!!

Tuesday 14 November 2000

Quiet ship. Intense Crib and Darts Competitions underway!! Superb cruising weather!!

Firming up our arrival in Fremantle - Saturday 18 November at the pilot at 0700, alongside at about 0800.

Wednesday 15 November 2000
Still enjoying delightful cruising weather - makes up for the rough start to the voyage!! Preparations well underway for arrival in Fremantle – Saturday.

Thursday 16 November 2000
Gordon attended a cargo planning meeting to prepare for Fremantle operations. Calm seas continue to be enjoyed!! Stopped to effect minor engine room repairs briefly from 1148 to 1406. Arrival in Fremantle - Saturday 0700 at the pilot approx 0800 alongside at North Quay no 12. Cargo operations to commence following Quarantine clearance.

Gordon got the expeditioners together to return some of their Antarctic clothing. Our arrival in Australia is getting close now. Two more sleeps, or four for those who find time for an afternoon nap, or six for those who find time for a morning nap as well.

The Heard Islanders had an open-deck cocktail party on the helicopter deck this afternoon, and we managed to cram about 20 people into one of the water-tank huts which are designed to sleep 5.

Friday 17 November 2000
Camp Quality donations for Voyage 1 total OVER $5,000!! A big thank you to everyone - Expeditioners and Crew for your fantastic generosity!!

We had a farewell BBQ on the trawl deck this evening – a good way to end an expedition but a little sad that good friends will be leaving.

From Suzanne, Voyage Leader: "This is the last Sitrep for the First Voyage of Aurora for 2000-2001. We’ve had a great voyage - been everywhere, done everything, worked and played hard so thanks to the Captain and Ships Crew and to the Expeditioners - Round Trip, Davis, Mawson and Heard Island for their assistance and good company. A special Thank You to Gordon for his support as Deputy during the Voyage."

And from Gordon: "A special thank you to Berkley and OzGold who kept me in tune with what journeys should always be like – full of inquiry and insatiable curiosity."

Saturday 18 November 2000
We docked 0730 at Fremantle, Western Australia. The official end of Voyage 1 2000-2001.




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