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Special Report: Food Service


The food service here is excellent - good food, a good range and lots of it. There are usually choices of several different cooked meals, and the cooks also make sure those vegetarians and others with special needs are looked after.

Breakfast - there are several different cereals, porridge, fresh or canned fruit, yoghurt, different types of milk - Soya, full cream, light. Cooked food will include bacon, eggs, hash browns, kippers, sausages, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms and so on. Not all of these all the time but always a wide range to choose from.

Lunch - there is always a big choice of salads, soup, two or three hot food choices - maybe grilled fish with potatoes and steamed vegetables, steaks, baked chicken etc. For example, yesterday for lunch there were tacos on the menu. The evening meal is much the same as the lunch time one with perhaps a little more variety - roast pork, baked vegetables. When meal services close there is always some left out in a special area for those who might want a snack later on.

Fruit juices and tea and coffee are available any time together with fresh baked bread rolls and bread. There are toasting machines, coffee makers around the restaurant and people just help themselves. All the food service is on a self help basis.

Up where Gordon, OzGold and I live there is a small kitchenette - where we can make a cup of tea or coffee, have some biscuits or even make ourselves some toast. This was actually designed for the working people up here so they can have something before going on watch or when they come off at a funny time.

Remember that watches change over at midnight and four o’clock in the morning!!
That will do for now. Next time I’ll tell you abut the 82 expeditioners on board.




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