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Special Report: Gordon Has Done What?

Right after the King Neptune ceremony and while everyone was still gathered, Gordon raised a challenge to see how much money people were prepared to donate to our favourite charity Camp Quality to have him turn into a Kojak - a complete head shave. Chief Mate Dunbar who was Master of Ceremonies said that he wanted everyone to dig deep into their pockets and offer money. People had already been warned of this and Gordon asked that everyone give generously because all the money was for a good cause - Camp Quality and rather than have many heads shaven, all effort and money would be concentrated on one head - his.
So the bids and offers were called in and written down. When it was added up Gordon said that wasn’t really enough and to think about those poor kids with cancer who lose their hair with chemotherapy and who have such an uncertain future. So more bids came in. When it looked like it all stopped, Gordon said that’s still not enough and if you promise more I’ll even get my moustache and eyebrows clipped. So more was offered.

Then Dunbar wielded the clippers and shaved Gordon’s head completely, then shaved off the moustache he has had for 31 years and the eyebrows he has had all his life. Now he is a little like those kids who have had chemotherapy and lose their hair. There were lots and lots of pictures taken and some extra money was pledged.

And so it was done. All in a good cause - Gordon is such a good sport. We estimate that with some $500 promised by people at Kingston Head Office, the total money raised was about Aus$3000. Very well done - that should ease the pain for some children if it helps pay for some special outings or wishes.
It was a great effort on everyone’s part and a whole lot of fun. The next few days with ultra cold conditions are going to be interesting.

Bye for now. Till next time.



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