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My name is Berkley and I am a very small bear about 9 inches high. I lived in Crystal Lake, Illinois with a friend who was in Mrs. Trummel's class. I kept telling my friend that I wanted to travel all over the world. One day, Mrs. Trummel said she was looking for a traveling bear (also called a "GeoBear") to go to Antarctica. My friend told her, "I know a bear who'd like to do that!" So I, Berkley, came in for an interview with Mrs. Trummel. . She warned me it would be very cold and it could be dangerous. I told her I was very brave and that I would be careful and listen to the voyage leaders when they told me to stay out of the way. , She reminded me that I would see wonderful things and be responsible for taking lots of photographs and writing to the student's in her class. They wanted to share my adventures, too, you see. So I promised I would work hard and be very responsible.

I guess Mrs. Trummel liked my All-American looks and my outgoing personality, because she chose me for the voyage. The photographs you will see in the Photo section of Bears On Ice were taken by me and my friends, OzGold and Gordon. I hope you like them. The Husmann students said they really helped them learn a lot about Antarctica and they asked me to share them with more students.

When I returned from my voyage to Antarctica, my friend had moved to Texas. After a short visit to Texas, I found I really missed my Crystal Lake friends a lot. So I asked if I could go live with Mrs. Trummel. My friend and Mrs. Trummel agreed! Hooray. So I live in Crystal Lake, Illinois again and visit Husmann Elementary school regularly. I also go visit my friend in Texas during the summer.

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