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Wooden hut, about the size of a two bedroom rancher, with metal roof and Mt. Erebus in the background
©2000 - Photo by Betty Trummel


28. I was thrilled to be able to see Robert Scott's hut at Cape Evans. Scott (from England) and his men constructed this prefabricated hut in 1910. They spent a winter here getting ready for the trek to the South Pole. Scott and 4 explorers reached the South Pole in January, 1912, only to find that Roald Amundsen from Norway had beaten them to the prize a few weeks earlier.

Scott and his four men died on their return trip from the Pole, in late March 1912. They became ill, from scurvy and severe frostbite, and eventually ran out of food and fuel. Ironically their last camp was about 10 miles from One Ton Depot, where there they could have obtained both. The weather, however, prevented them from leaving this camp. It was a sad ending to a great accomplishment.


This box reads: "Capt. Scotts Expedition 1910. Homelight.
©2000 - Photo by Betty Trummel


29. When I stepped inside the hut I saw this storage box from the expedition. Notice the date on the wooden box.


Stack of boxes and goods. One can see Heinz ketchup and Colman's mustard and a tin of biscuits. One box reads SS Terra Nova
©2000 - Photo by Betty Trummel


30. Here are some of the food supplies left over from the expedition. They are well preserved because of the cold and dry climate of Antarctica. I was surprised to see that the Heinz ketchup still has the same label now that it did 90 years ago! Look in the upper right-hand corner of the picture.



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