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Three bright yellow conical tents surrounded by boxes. The tents are on a plain of what looks like brown dirt. In the background are beautiful mountains.
©2000 - Photo by Hillary Tulley


34. She was lucky to spend 6 weeks living in a Scott tent in the Dry Valleys. The scenery there is outstanding! If you look carefully at this photo, you will see rocks on top of the wooden boxes. As they used the supplies and food in the boxes, the space was used to store the rock samples for analysis. The rocks on top were used to keep the lids from blowing away. Instead of worrying about the food going bad, they were more concerned with thawing the meat out each night for dinner.


Side of huge plane showing ski and the name of the National Science Foundation.
©2000 - Photo by Betty Trummel


35. Here is a shot of one of the ski-equipped Hercules planes. The skis are lowered for takeoff and landing, and retracted when not needed. The plane also has wheels to land on a regular runway in New Zealand when flying back from Antarctica. On the side of the plane you will see the name "National Science Foundation." I want to thank the National Science Foundation for making this experience possible for me.




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