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Orange tracked vehicle with large cab. Here there is one section attached to the cab.
©2000 - Photo by Betty Trummel


7. This is one of the many different types of vehicles used to move over the ice and snow on the continent. It's called a Spryte, and often has more than one section attached together to carry people and equipment. It moves very slowly!


Betty and two team members using shoves to pile up a dome of snow. Everyone is dressed in parkas, hats, and gloves.
©2000 - Photo by Betty Trummel


8. After arriving in McMurdo, I had to attend "Happy Camper school," which is really snow survival training. I helped build a quinzee, which is shaped like an igloo, but really is made of snow piled into a dome and hollowed out inside. We piled the snow on top of our duffle bags and a tarp, then when it reached the proper height we tunneled inside to remove the baggage and it left a cavity for us to sleep in...very clever!


A picture with several dome-like expedition tents and duffle bags and people as well as the tents described and the ice wall.
©2000 - Photo by Betty Trummel


9. Here is a photo of our little camp after hours of work. You will notice the quinzee in the background, a yellow "Scott tent" (named after explorer Robert Scott) and in the front of the photo... expedition tents and a wall of snow blocks to break the wind. This photo was taken around midnight. Remember, in the summer, Antarctica has 24 hours of daylight for several months. It was strange NOT to see a sunset for the entire time I was on the ice. Also, at the time I attended Happy Camper School, it was about 30 degrees below zero, without the wind blowing. It was a beautiful, sunny early summer day!


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