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©2000 - Photo by Betty Trummel


25. On another bright sunny day I joined biologists studying the natural "antifreeze" in fish. We went on a Sunday ice fishing trip where I pitched in to help them get more fish for their study. They drilled a hole in the ice with this Jiffy Drill. Because the ice was about 10 meters thick, they added several extensions to the drill until they reached the slushy water below the ice.


Betty in black clothing with ears, neck and mouth covered with scarf holding a very small fish. She is kneeling on the ice with an orange bucket to her right.
©2000 - Photo by Betty Trummel


26. Here I am with one of the 12 fish I caught that day. Notice that I am not wearing the heavy red parka seen in most of my Antarctic pictures. It was a beautiful day... very sunny, but my hands were cold handling the wet fish and fishing line.


©2000 - Photo by Betty Trummel


27. Some King Penguins seen when visiting one of the islands.


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