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The ship, Aurora Australis, seen in pack ice in the evening. It is huge and reddish orange.


1. The Australian Antarctic Program is based in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. This program uses ships for their transportation to and from the ice. Here you see one of their ships, the Aurora Australis. This is the ship I sailed on with Berkley and OzGold. They have three research stations on the continent: 1) Davis, 2) Casey, and 3) Mawson....


An aerial view of an Aussie base with several large buildings and lots of vehicles. The ground looks like dirt and the sea is almost free of ice. Just a few bits of ice floating about.

Copyright: Australian Antarctic Division


2. well as sites on subantarctic islands, like Macquarie Island.


Picture of bottles that were dumped as trash by an early expedition.


3. As in the United States Antarctic Program, a huge effort is being made to clean up past sites and preserve this pristine continent for future scientific expeditions.


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