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Radar: Lessons

Canada Center for Remote Sensing

This group provides several tutorials about remote sensing that are designed for students ages 10-14. Most of the materials are in JPEG format which allows a teacher to use Adobe Acrobat Reader to download the materials. These materials are quite complete and include pages from which a teacher can make overheads, student worksheets, and all the needed images. Particularly recommended is the tutorial, Looking At the Earth's Environment Through the Eyes of A Satellite.

Geography Standard 1: Understands the characteristics and use of maps, globes, and other geographic tools and technologies
Physical Science Standard 9: Understands the sources and properties of energy
Technology Standard 3: Understands the relationship among science, technology, society, and the individual

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Graphic of two satellites in sky. One satellite has beams going down to the ground and bouncing back up. The other has only beams bouncing up from the ground.

This animation is one of several provided in the CCRS tutorial about Radar. Choose the Radar Basics link when you go to their site. This graphic shows the difference between active radar which both sends and receives information and passive radar which simply receives.

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